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Waxing Services
For your safety, if you are using Retin-A, Glycolic, Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids or even some Oral Antibiotics, you must stop 5 to 7 days prior to facial waxing. Accutane patients may not be waxed for at least 6 months after completing the treatment. Sun or tanning exposure should be avoided 24 hours before and after any waxing.

Upper Lip
Cheek Area
Under Arms
Half Arms
Full Arms
Half Legs (include knees)
Full Legs
Full Legs and Bikini Line
Back, Shoulders, and Neck
Laser Hair Removal
Unwanted hair can be removed permanently, leaving you with silky smooth skin. Our offices use the most up to date IPL laser in the industry. Consultation prior to procedure is required. Ask the doctor to specify the type and intensity of laser light used to treat your specific hair removal needs.

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